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Writer, Editor, Storyteller, Content Creator, Optimist, Grammar Nerd


I Tell Stories.  What's Yours?

Writing is more than a collection of words. 


It’s the first impression potential customers get from your website.  It’s weekly newsletters that keep your audience engaged.  It’s social media posts that make people stop scrolling.  It's blogs that inspire.  

You want your words to make the reader slow down and stay awhile.   

That’s where I come in. 


I’ll help you open the door to meaningful conversations that elevate your products and services and convey the meaning behind what you do.  And I'm masterful at weaving in SEO keywords so your clients can find you. 


Because all the writing in the world doesn't have much impact unless the right people are reading it. 

Your story is the most unique part of what you do.  It’s what your ideal clients connect to. 


If you landed here, it’s for a reason.  I’d love to help you share your story with the world.

What Clients Are Saying. . . 

Casey is a game-changer.
"I'm confident in my ideas but struggle to find the right words to connect with people. Marketing agencies try to do this – few can do it at the level Casey does. Everything she touches comes out ready to draw you in."

Janelle Roker, Executive Coach & Consultant 

Casey is an amazing writer and content developer. 
"She ensures she understands the spirit and culture of a company and writes in a very succinct and creative manner.  Her ability to capture the essence of what we need to communicate is outstanding."

Jean Douchey, Co-Founder Alumna House 

Jean D.jpg
Casey produces engaging, fresh content that astounds me every week.
"She is a gifted writer with great vision, creating unique takes on our core message again and again. We are extremely lucky to have Casey as part of our process."

Kurt Johnson, Nature Photographer for Healthcare Environments

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