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Nice to Meet You. I'm Casey.  

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Writing has always been my thing.  From typing short stories on my Buddy L easy-writer typewriter as a kid to earning my degree in creative writing, words have been my way of discovering the world. 

My writing focuses on hope. It exists everywhere, even in the darkest places.  If you can get readers to look inside themselves with the words you write, that's where the magic of connection happens.  And that's how you get people to care about your unique story and their own.  

I spent 10 + years as a lifestyle and portrait photographer, telling visual stories of people and events through my camera lens.  I’m also an artist, telling stories with my paintbrush. 


Throughout my career, I've been lucky to work with some inspiring local organizations including Omaha Performing Arts, Joslyn Art Museum, The Visiting Nurses Association, Millard Public Schools, and Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska.  I was featured on HGTV’s That’s Clever, giving a behind-the-scenes look at creating one of my inspirational art pieces.    

Storytelling flows through everything I do.  Even when I worked as a loan officer at a local credit union during college, I found myself helping co-workers write powerful resumes and cover letters that got them their dream jobs.  And while I love all the creative work I’ve done over the years, I’ve always come back to writing. 

Good writing is about taking risks.  It’s about being honest about all the parts of your story, even the not-so-shiny ones.  Because those are the things we all struggle with.  The things we all have the power to overcome.  And those are the things that ultimately connect us. 

Whether you’re explaining what you do on a website, sending a newsletter to stay connected to your audience, or sharing the heartaches and triumphs of running your own business on social media.  When you connect to what people care about in an authentic way, they notice. 

So much of what creators and businesses do happens online now.  And it’s overwhelming.  Wanting to hold onto your passion for doing what you love but having to take on so many roles to stay afloat. 

Having someone help you navigate that landscape can mean the difference between sinking and swimming.

Getting your story out there is my happy place.  I spend my days writing for artists, creatives, and small business owners.  I love helping them share their stories with the world so they can thrive.   

I’ve seen firsthand the power of building audiences online and driving clients to your website through well-written blogs that seamlessly weave in SEO keywords and creating newsletters that are visually appealing, making people want to click and learn more. 


I’ve seen how consistent, thought-provoking content can build an audience you can meaningfully engage with.

My husband, son, and kitties are my biggest inspiration and have exploded my heart in a million different ways.  We're always dreaming big, having meaningful conversations on the way to school, exploring the beauty of nature, watching crazy cat videos, and laughing our heads off.  My family reminds me of all the things that are precious and true.  That anything is possible.  That words matter.

Enough about me.  How do you want your story told?

My Values 

The heart of why I do this work.  And what you'll find at my gooey center.


Inspiring others to courageously step into their truth, motivating them to see the value and power of what they have to offer while encouraging them to share their voice with the world.


Helping creatives discover their story by creating original, honest content that tells the truth of who they are and what their business represents. Supporting those that lead from within.  Finding value in the whole story and not just the shiny parts.


Connecting with clients so they can connect with their audience.  This is done through deep listening and reflecting the truth of what I see in unique and meaningful ways.
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